Should You Become A Pharmacy Technician?

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If you've always been interested in the world of pharmaceuticals but aren't sure you want to commit years to the rigorous college courses required to become a licensed pharmacist, you may be wondering whether there are any alternatives that will still allow you to work in this fast-paced and interesting environment. For some, a career as a pharmacy technician can provide the perfect sweet spot, allowing you to work in a pharmacy without requiring you to spend years in college or take out hefty student loans in the process.

25 July 2017

Keep Your Preschooler Happy: Don't Overcrowd Their Schedule

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Every parent aims to provide their child with opportunity. However, there can be such a thing as too much opportunity when you're talking about preschoolers. When parents overcrowd their young child's schedule with too many activities, such as dance or soccer—it can backfire. Not sure if you're overloading your child's schedule? Here are a few signs that indicate, yes. Always Tired A child that is always tired is a warning sign parents should not ignore.

17 July 2017

Opportunities In The Dental Assisting Field

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Dental assistants educate dental patients, provide care, and assist hygienists and dentists in dental procedures. A career as a dental assistant in the US can earn you a median salary of $36,940 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Your career path, however, is not limited to doing chair-side procedures. Here are other fields where you can utilize your dental assisting skills. Specialty Practices If you are a graduate from an accredited college and have acquired relevant experience, you can move on from simple tasks such as sterilizing dental equipment to specialty practices including maxillofacial and oral surgery – correcting facial deformities and removing teeth –, and pediatric dentistry.

13 July 2017

3 Tips for Switching Careers Over the Age of 40

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If you are over 40 and feel like you are "stuck" in a career field that you no longer enjoy (or never enjoyed to begin with), then realize that it is not too late to make a career change. Many people over the age of 40 have had success beginning brand-new careers that they enjoy much more than their previous ones. However, careful planning is very important when making a career change over 40, because you want to ensure that the career you begin training for is one that you will not only love, but will also help you earn an income that will allow you to meet your retirement goals.

12 July 2017

3 Practical Skills To Help You Excel As A Pilot

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So, you want to be a pilot? Great. The aviation industry provides competitive pay and access to roles in a variety of sectors. As you prepare for your journey through flight school, make sure you understand that what you learn in the classroom is only a part of your responsibility. There are several skills pilots-to-be can nurture outside the classroom that may prove to be helpful during school and their professional career.

21 June 2017