Six Advantages Of A Private School Education


Changing education options as well as issues in the American public education, parents are choosing more and more to enroll their children in private schools. With the most recent data available, according to The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), growth in private school enrollment was 23 percent from the time frame of 1990 and 2003, with an expected continued growth of 7 percent through 2015. Here is a look at the advantages a private school education can afford your child.

Small Class Size

Most private schools have a more favorable student-teacher ratio. This will allow your child to receive more specialized instruction as they are not competing with as many other children for the teacher's time and attention. Smaller class sizes are also easier for the teacher to control and tend to things like discipline.

Higher Expectations

Most private education institutions expect their students to reach a higher bar in their schools. Rather than having a bare minimum in standardized testing like public schools, children are often expected to excel and surpass these arbitrary levels.

Class Variety

Many public schools don't teach some of the basics anymore. For example, most public schools are no longer teaching children to write cursive. As of the Spring of 2017, only 14 states require their public-school system to teach cursive writing, a skill that many believe is important in manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination as well as laying down important neural pathways in the child's developing brain. Home Economics, Art, and Library Science are other common classes in private schools.

Less Bullying

With a more specialized, personalized environment, children are less likely to fall through the cracks, becoming prey for bullies. Private school teachers have smaller classes, which means they are more apt to notice any bad behavior and nip it in the bud right away.

More Education Focus

Most private schools have a uniform requirement. This allows the children to focus on their studies rather than fashion trends and who is wearing what. It keeps the focus on education rather than superficial things like clothing that don't matter. A uniform also ensures teenagers aren't dressing inappropriately, and parents don't need to spend as much time or money on school clothing.


While no school can claim to be 100 percent safe, a private school tends to place a higher emphasis on discipline. When problems arise, parents are expected to play an integral role in ensuring they address behavior issues with their child and cooperate with the administration.


14 February 2018

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