Flight School: Helicopter Or Airplane?

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If you know you want to be a pilot and are looking into flight training courses, your next big decision is deciding which type of pilot you want to be. There are many different types of careers available to people who know how to maneuver through the skies, but what type of machine will you be flying? Do you know if you want to be an airplane pilot or a helicopter pilot? While both are professionals that must go through flight training, they are vastly different. To help you decide, here are a few of those key differences for you to consider.

Schooling Requirements

To become a helicopter pilot, you need to have at least an associate degree. Some companies may require a bachelor's, though neither degree necessarily has to be in an aviation field. A helicopter pilot's training focuses more on technical skills and less on education. Airplane pilots, on the other hand, have a very streamlined education. Most must get at least a bachelor's degree in education in order to get the job of their dreams. 

Flying Hours

As with the formal education portion, the flying hours required to become a professional pilot is lower for helicopter pilots. To get a commercial license, helicopter pilots only need 140 hours of flying time for a commercial license, while airplane pilots need at least 1,000 hours. This is likely due to the fact that airplane pilots will usually have many more passengers in their care, while helicopter pilots will usually have a few passengers and will be flying much shorter distances. 

Flying Styles

The type of flying you will be doing as an airplane pilot is much different than you would do as a helicopter pilot. Airplane pilots fly at around 30,000 feet in a mostly straight line. Helicopter pilots, on the other hand, can fly wherever they want. Tourist helicopter pilots will usually fly around a scenic area at a low altitude, allowing their passengers to take in their surroundings. Helicopter piloting is much more dynamic than piloting an airplane. 

In conclusion, while both jobs are unique and exciting, you may be drawn to one more than the other. If you are still unsure about which type of pilot sounds like it would better suit your lifestyle and future goals, you could think about shadowing each type of pilot. Having some up-close experience may be just what you need to make your decision. Once you have decided, apply to flight school as soon as you are eligible and get your future career started. 


30 December 2020

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