Which Kind Of Child Care Should You Use?

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When you have children and decide to work outside the home, you are going to need to find someone to take care of them while you are away. You may have a close friend or family member who can do this, or you may need to find another option. Before you make any decision, there are some things you should consider.

Family or Friend

While it might be less costly to have someone you know come to your home to care for your children, it might not be the best idea. This person may know and love the children, but might not be able to handle them when they are not at their best. Children can be moody and a handful. In addition, the care giver might be comfortable enough to go about with daily chores or activities while trying to keep track of your kids. Sure, you go on with life while you have your kids, but you know them and what they are capable of getting into. Even a very close family member does not always know what can happen in a split second. When the children are very young it is best to have someone who will do nothing but watch them while in their care.

Home Daycare

Home daycare is when you take your children to someone's home that has been inspected by the Fire Marshall. You can ask if the provider has had a background check and is licensed. One of the advantages to this type of care is social interaction with other kids. Most of these places care for other children too, as this is the only way to make the situation financially viable. You should ask too spend a day, or a good portion of it, there, with the children. This way, you will know how the other children behave, what kind of activities they engage in, and if you agree with how things are handled, such as discipline, naps, meals, and such.

Care Centers

Day care centers are establishments in a business environment. They are either in a commercial building or free-standing. They have to undergo different inspections to be cleared and safe for the children. In addition, anyone working there is probably licensed and may have some type of education such as preschool care, and usually are required to be certified in child and infant CPR and first aid. There will be social interaction, and probably some type of learning activities every day.

You know what type of care would be best for your children. If they are not ready to interact and stick to some type of learning schedule, you may want to look at home daycare or someone coming to your home. However, professional care centers are good when you and your child are ready for a more structured situation. Take your time, visit all the options, and then make your final decision. Remember, you can always change things if it is not working, just be sure to give it some time before you do.


4 October 2017

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