4 Careers To Consider If You're Interested In Medicine


If you're interested in going into the field of medicine but don't want to commit to becoming a doctor, there are several career options open to you. Most of these careers require significantly less schooling than a medical degree, so you can get started on them quickly. Here are four medical jobs you should consider.

1. Medical office administrator

If you don't want to be directly involved in patient treatment, a career as a medical office administrator might be the right choice for you. As a medical administrator, you'll primarily be assisting a doctor with clerical work. You'll bill patients and their insurance companies, schedule appointments, and help keep track of patients' treatment plans. In a medical office administration program, you'll still learn the basics of physiology and anatomy, so this is a great job for someone with an interest in biology.

2. X-ray technician

X-ray technology is an exciting field where you will get to use specialized radiation equipment to help diagnose patients. You can join an x-ray technician program with either an associate's or bachelor's degree. This program will be a mix of lectures and experiential learning, culminating in an exam where you will have the chance to earn your license. X-ray technicians work closely with doctors, and you may even get the opportunity to intern at a hospital.

3. Certified midwife

If you love babies and have a passion for helping women, you might want to consider becoming a certified midwife. Midwives are involved in every aspect of their patient's pregnancy, from prenatal care to postnatal checkups. Unlike certified nurse midwives, certified midwives are not required to attend nursing school, but you will need a bachelor's degree. While training as a midwife, you will gain a lot of hands-on experience in assisting women with birth.

4. Dental hygienist

You can become a qualified dental hygienist with just an associate's degree. Most dental hygienist courses are only two years long. You'll need to be licensed to be a practicing dental hygienist in the United States, but your classes should prepare you with all the knowledge you'll need to succeed. According to All Allied Health Schools, the average dental hygienist makes about $70,000 per year, making this a lucrative job opportunity.

A career in medicine can be extremely rewarding, and you don't need to be a doctor to experience the fulfillment that comes from assisting patients. Any of these careers would allow you to earn a good salary while also making a difference in the world. 


5 November 2018

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